ActiveSync Shield - Overview



  • Complete secure mobile email solution
    •  DLP
    •  Mobile access control
    •  Content filtering
    •  Anti-virus
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure ActiveSync gateway
  • Natural BYOD solution for any mobile client
  • Available as a filter  for Forefront (ISA/TMG/IAG/UAG) servers or as a standalone gateway

Secure ActiveSync Solution

The widespread use of smartphones has revolutionized the way we work, play and interact. Mobile devices allow us to be connected 24x7, giving us access to information anytime, anywhere. Whether your organization has adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy or supplies corporate mobile devices to its employees, these devices represent a major information security threat to your enterprise[1], due to the sensitive data that they often carry.

Using their personal devices, employees commonly connect to the corporate network from home or from public non-managed networks, increasing the risk of data leaks and possible exposure of a user's network credentials. In addition, since there is no control over the apps employees install on their devices, there is a greater risk of malware infection on these devices.

Smartphones synchronize with your Microsoft Exchange server using the ActiveSync data protocol.  While synchronization enables your employees to access email, email attachments, calendar, tasks and contact lists from anywhere, this process must be absolutely secure in order to prevent loss of sensitive information.  


Server Side Solution with No Client Installation

Most mobile email solutions focus on protecting the data stored on the mobile device through encryption strategies and containerization. Rather than focusing on device data protection,ActiveSync Shieldoffers a new approach that completely eliminates the need to store data on the device.

ActiveSync Shield interacts directly with the ActiveSync protocol on the server side. This solution effectively controls who can synchronize data from the network and what data can be synchronized when users connect to an Exchange server with their mobile phones. Since there is no client installation, ActiveSync Shield is ideal for BYOD implementations since it supports any mobile device including iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows Phone or Symbian device.

The ActiveSync Shield is a comprehensive secure mobile email product suite that includes the following modules:

  • ActiveSync Protector -Rule-based content filtering and antivirus inspection of email traffic between the Exchange server and the mobile device
  • Mobile Access Control - Two-factor authentication solution based on device identification together with credentials. The module also features Active Directory password protection and a self-service access portal.
  • ActiveSync WebMail - DLP solution that enables emails to be read as an online web page within the native mail client, so that no data is stored on the device.
  • Bastion Reverse Proxy Server - Scalable HTTP gateway solution designed to enable organizations that do not use Microsoft Forefront servers to take advantage of the ActiveSync Shield secure mobile email product suite.


[1] Deloitte Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Security Survey  2012