Forefront integration

ActiveSync Shield Filter for Microsoft Forefront

Active Sync Forefront

Microsoft Forefront delivers comprehensive, secure remote access to corporate resources for employees, partners, and vendors on both managed and unmanaged PCs and mobile devices.

The Forefront server family includes:

  • ISA(Internet Security and Acceleration)
  • TMG(Threat Management Gateway)
  • IAG(Intelligent Application Gateway)
  • UAG(Unified Access Gateway)

The ActiveSync Shield product suite was specifically developed for Microsoft environments and is tightly integrated with all of the above Forefront servers. As a server side software solution, it can be easily and quickly installed on any Forefront server and does not require any client installation.

Enhancing Forefront Functionality with Secure Mobile Email

Realizing the difficulty in meeting the endless array of environments and complex functional requirements, Microsoft enables enterprises to extend the basic functionality by developing Web filters and ISAPI filters for products as Forefront and IIS. The filters are run-time extensions that can be used for modifying and adding functionality to solve requirements that are not addressed in Microsoft's out of the box solution.

ActiveSync Shield is offered as a secure mobile email add-on, complementing the robust built-in functionality of the Forefront servers. With the rapidly growing use of smartphones in the enterprise, ActiveSync Shield provides an innovative solution for secure synchronization of mobile devices with Microsoft Exchange.

ActiveSync Shield is the most recent of a unique set of Forefront add-on solutions developed by AGAT Software Solutions. These solutions enable extending Forefront functionality to solve complex architectures and requirements, and are typically implemented in large, complex and security-conscious networks.